SharePoint Live Conference in Louiville, KY

SIS in Louisville KY will join forces with Microsoft to talk about SharePoint.  Below is an excerpt of his blog post:

“On March 1, AvePoint is taking part in “Louisville SharePoint Live – Part Deux!”, a second event for overflow registrants and anyone else looking to learn more about SharePoint. The companies hosting the event are SIS, Microsoft, Nintex, KnowledgeLake, Tandem Solution, and Conquest.

The topics will include:
·        Six Pillars of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010
·        Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012
·        Dedicated area for “Ask the Experts”
·        SharePoint development and branding
·        Tools to assist with SharePoint migrations
·        Tools to assist with backup and administration duties
·        Document and image capture for SharePoint
·        Visio Services and InfoPath
·        Enhancing SharePoint Workflow
·        Microsoft® Lync® and Unified Communicationsf
·        Using Team Foundation Server 2010 to manage SharePoint code
The topics will be spread across four sessions and three tracks each. Throughout the event, there will be a dedicated section for “Ask the Experts” conversations.
Presenters include:
1.       AvePoint: Ryan VanOsdol
2.       Nintex: John Danner
3.       KnowledgeLake: Mike Miller
4.       Microsoft: Jessica Fleissner and Alexei Govorine
5.       Tandem Solution: John Ecken
6.       Conquest: Ben Tosado
7.       SIS: Troy Thompson, Nick Loghides, and Ryan Love
To learn more and register for the event, click here. If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there!”


For more information on this event and others, please go to the following links:!~405.html

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Consumerization of Communication: For Personal Use

VIDEO from the Today show: Consumerization of Communication Continues to Change

TODAY’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shows off a few fun and cool ways families can stay connected through video conferencing, texting and social media.

Consumers love this stuff!  Which is the reason why Conquest feels the Microsoft Lync is the perfect solution for Enterprise, Medium and small businesses.  For more information on Microsfot Lync, click here.

Cisco is spooked by Microsoft Lync/Skype

Cisco worries about Skype, Microsoft Lync integration”

Very intersting article on how Cisco is seeking standards for interoperability for video calling so Microsoft can’t use proprietary protocols that could shut out rivals.

“On the corporate front, one of Cisco’s biggest worries is that Microsoft integrates Skype with its Lync unified communications platform exclusively. That Skype-Lync connection “could lock-in businesses who want to reach Skype’s 700 million account holders.”