Your Office In Your Pocket

Fun fact: your smartphone contains more computing power than the entire Apollo program used to put astronauts on the moon. That kind of power in your pocket means more than just playing Candy Crush: it’s the means by which technology is finally enabling business to move out of the cubicle and into the pocket office revolution—the most disruptive change to work since replaceable parts.

Since the industrial revolution, most business has been conducted in large bureaucratic settings. And there was good reason for that. Managers needed to be physically close to assembly line workers, and later VPs of companies needed to be able to roam cubicles and give out ad hoc assignments.

Information also needed to be centralized and controlled to make sure nothing was lost or stolen. Businesses ran fairly well but individual productivity was certainly held back.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, we were promised a paperless office yet technology wasn’t quite ready to handle the demands of enterprises, governments, or universities. As we all remember, hundreds if not thousands of companies rushed into the “tech bubble” claiming to have made the breakthroughs that would change everything. Almost all of these promises went unfulfilled. The technology just wasn’t there yet.

But today we are experiencing a mobility revolution that is changing the way business is conducted in almost every industry. Technology is finally ready to truly fulfill its promise to improve productivity. Seamless digital communications tools are enabling coworkers scattered around the world to conduct truly global business. Enterprise-level mobile security is enabling workers to brainstorm and collaborate in real time without the fear of data loss.

Some companies are taking advantage of this sea of change while others, slow to adapt, are being left behind or closing up shop.

The pocket office is about more than just mobility. It is a massive disruption of business-as-usual for four big reasons. Embracing the pocket office gives your business:

  • Anytime, anywhere access, seamlessly across all devices
  • Productivity apps that allow for content creation as well as consumption
  • Full compatibility with desktop-based office suite
  • Enterprise level management and security

With these tools businesses both large and small can finally give their employees the ability to work productively from anywhere, anytime. And all with tools that fit in your pocket, talk about a revolution…

Let’s face it, communicating is the one thing we do more than anything else.  We speak with each other either in person or via some mediated technology like telephone, voice, IM, text or even video chat.  We create and send emails.  We produce presentations that we deliver via networked conferencing systems.  More than ever our people are away from the office working from home, hotels, customer sites, ball fields, the beach and a million other places.  The technologies that enable all of this communication must reach farther, be more readily available and also be more secure than ever before. 

No matter what industry you are in, the mobility-enabled pocket office revolution will dramatically change the way you (or your competitors) do business. This is what disruptive change in the workplace looks like: the ability to put the entire means of production into devices the size of your wallet—or that even fit in your wallet.

The mission of ConQuest Technology Services is to provide and support these technologies, constantly improving upon how well we can adapt them to each clients’ requirements, and their future needs to help them identify and innovate new ways in which mediated communication technologies can drive new business opportunities and greater success.

Debbie Brandt

Marketing Manager

ConQuest Technology Services



About ConQuest Technology Services
Director of Channels and Marketing At ConQuest Technology Services, we provide our customers with solutions and services allowing organizations to develop short-and long term IT strategies and deploy them at their own pace. Whether deploying collaboration tools for the first time, seeking to use existing investments, or supplementing existing solutions with specific collaboration products, ConQuest Technology Services is here to support enterprises invest wisely to dramatically improve collaboration and accelerate growth. KEY FACTS ABOUT CONQUEST Headquarters: 4675 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 302 Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-374-8788 • Microsoft Gold Partner for 10+ years • Awarded CRN’s Next-Gen 250 - recognized as a solution provider with a new approach to client support (2013) • Microsoft Partner of the Year – Voice Deployment Built On Microsoft® Lync (2012) • Microsoft Partner of the Year – Best Communication Solutions (2011) • Microsoft’s go-to partner for UC and Cloud technologies in South-east USA Conquest Technology Services : • Offers Business Consulting to help develop cost-effective deployment plans, defining ROI benefits, and cost of ownership for On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid technology solutions • Builds IT Infrastructure in the cloud to deliver secure infrastructure, storage & backup, protected BYOD mobility solutions and communications-linked business applications providing data/voice/video. • Provides managed services to provide secure, scalable IT environments to support our clients business needs. For more information please visit or call 305-374-8788.

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