Microsoft O365 Cloud Migration “Powered” by Savings

As most of us are aware, cloud migration can save our companies significant costs for applications that are mission critical to our organizations. Silicone Angle reported an average of 82% of companies that migrated to the cloud for one or more services saw a hard cost savings in IT spend. Once your company determines the cloud offering meets your security and organizational compliances, cost savings quickly becomes a relevant discussion point for the migration decision.

Of the recent studies I have seen, most only cover licensing costs that are discounted by the cloud provider to move you to their service. Although those savings can be easily documented and are very significant, you have many other areas where savings can be substantial as well. Things like employee hours doing upgrades, installing patches, infrastructure costs, OPEX vs. CAPEX for budget considerations, data connections and power consumption should be part of the fiscal exercise as well.

Both government and privately funded studies have been conducted analyzing the type and consumption of energy used by cloud providers, such as Microsoft. Many cloud providers choose to locate data centers where renewable energy is available. It is almost always less expensive and reduces the carbon footprint. General estimates to power a single physical server in a traditional datacenter is $700.00 per year. That includes a primary and secondary power source, and all associated heating and cooling. Across major US cities, about 72% of that power is provided by coal and delivered through an aging, inefficient power grid. Cloud migration will significantly reduce or eliminate infrastructure, and will provide a tremendous savings on power in the data center. In many cases, the data center consumes more than 20% of the electricity of a traditional brick and mortar.

Saving money on licensing, data center hardware and power may be the most visible ROI for moving to the cloud, but it is certainly not the only benefit. You can expect additional savings, but the bigger impact is a better approach to create an environment for corporate users to connect, share, collaborate, communicate and become more productive in a competitive landscape.

Tom Sullivan

Director of Sales & Marketing

ConQuest Technology Services

April 18, 2014



About ConQuest Technology Services
Director of Channels and Marketing At ConQuest Technology Services, we provide our customers with solutions and services allowing organizations to develop short-and long term IT strategies and deploy them at their own pace. Whether deploying collaboration tools for the first time, seeking to use existing investments, or supplementing existing solutions with specific collaboration products, ConQuest Technology Services is here to support enterprises invest wisely to dramatically improve collaboration and accelerate growth. KEY FACTS ABOUT CONQUEST Headquarters: 4675 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 302 Coral Gables, FL 33146 305-374-8788 • Microsoft Gold Partner for 10+ years • Awarded CRN’s Next-Gen 250 - recognized as a solution provider with a new approach to client support (2013) • Microsoft Partner of the Year – Voice Deployment Built On Microsoft® Lync (2012) • Microsoft Partner of the Year – Best Communication Solutions (2011) • Microsoft’s go-to partner for UC and Cloud technologies in South-east USA Conquest Technology Services : • Offers Business Consulting to help develop cost-effective deployment plans, defining ROI benefits, and cost of ownership for On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid technology solutions • Builds IT Infrastructure in the cloud to deliver secure infrastructure, storage & backup, protected BYOD mobility solutions and communications-linked business applications providing data/voice/video. • Provides managed services to provide secure, scalable IT environments to support our clients business needs. For more information please visit or call 305-374-8788.

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