Hosted Lync® in one word “Connected!”

Hosted Lync® in one word “Connected!” Everyone thinks they are connected. They use Skype® for Chat and Instant Messaging, GoToMeeting or WebEx for their virtual meetings, a large tele-provider for their PBX (analog phone) systems, and remote desktop sharing like TeamViewer or LogMeIn. There are individual costs associated with all of these types of services and they are controlled through different interfaces and many of them do not integrate. Microsoft® Lync makes sure those services are all connected and more importantly connected intelligently.

The greatest feature one could argue is your “telepresence”. Microsoft is rooted in all aspects of business day-to-day activities. Understanding that integration within the business environment allows our partners to work smarter not harder. Telepresence is your current status in regards to availability. Status can show “Available”, “Busy” (on a call/meeting), “Do Not Disturb” (will reject IM and any other form of communication with the exception of Email), and others, regardless of which Microsoft Office product being used!

The key here is that status changes in real-time as you jump on a call, calendar in a meeting, or attend a Lync meeting (virtual meeting). It also will work across multiple tablets, mobile phones, and tablets. Therefore regardless of your operating system (iOS, Windows®) Microsoft Lync will keep you connected.

Armando Amador

ConQuest Technology Services

Solutions & Sales Specialist



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