At The Micorsoft Store Grand Opening: Mourning On Labron James vs. MJ

Microsoft Grand Opening

 Jon Sastre (President & CEO, Conquest Technology Services)

Watch The Video And Find Out If Lebron Really Wears The Crown


IT Expo 2013 in Miami: Recap

We enjoyed working alongside our partners at the Miami IT Expo 2013.  We discussed with others what are some UC options with Lync in a complete solution customized for each company’s needs.  With partners like AudioCodes (AudioCodes Once Voice for Lync) and PrairieFyre (PrairieFyre Lync ), we’ve been able to architect, design and deploy solutions that have allows companies to be save costs.  They’ve been able to cut costs by cutting down on their PBX systems or replacing them in its entirety and having a solid contact center solution integrated with Lync.

Jon Sastre, president of ConQuest Technology Services was interviewed by TMC regarding our Success from AudioCodes.  He spoke of current customer experiences with Lync and the federation between two major companies that have business communication regularly. Click the photo below to watch how ConQuest, AudioCodes and PrairieFyre worked together.

Jon's Interview by TMC IT Expo 2013


International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners: Who are they? Why join?

The IAMCP is an excellent way to grow your business.  Conquest’s president, Jon Sastre is also president of the South Florida International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) chapter.

The IAMCP represents Microsoft´s influential partners from around the globe. Formed in 1994, the IAMCP provides Microsoft Partners a voice into Microsoft programs and to the IT community at large.  It encourages and facilitates mutual growth and business development among partners. Today the IAMCP includes 4,000+ companies in 30+ countries and over 100 chapters (with more than 35 in the US) worldwide.  Through membership meetings, social networking events and local websites, IAMCP link members with each other and with industry news from Microsoft.

Please check out the video “Why Join the IAMCP?”

IAMCP video Image

The Microsoft Experience Center: What Is It and Why Is It A Must See?

Conquest Technology ServicesEvery since Conquest Technology Solutions acquired the certification to facilitate the Microsft Experience Center (MEC) or the Customer Immersion Experience, we have not rested.  The request for a session is constantly coming our way.  Our MEC has traveled all over, from Tampa to Kentucky.  Not to mention or VP of Professional Services, Benjamin Tosado and our President Jon Sastre have been hopping around the country speaking to others about the MEC.

Attending a MEC session can enlighten your view on what is possible within Microsoft’s Business Productivity.  Click here for more information.  Not only will you see it, you get to get experience it yourself.  Contact Conquest Technology Services to schedule your MEC at

AAJ and Conquest Technology Services will be having a MEC Event:

For More Information, Please click here. 

Consumerization of Communication: For Personal Use

VIDEO from the Today show: Consumerization of Communication Continues to Change

TODAY’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shows off a few fun and cool ways families can stay connected through video conferencing, texting and social media.

Consumers love this stuff!  Which is the reason why Conquest feels the Microsoft Lync is the perfect solution for Enterprise, Medium and small businesses.  For more information on Microsfot Lync, click here.