Stay connected with people everywhere with Lync Online

Lync Online connects people everywhere, on devices running Windows 8 and other operating systems, as part of their everyday productivity experience.   Our customers value Lync since it provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience.   Lync enables instant messaging (IM) and voice calling with the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use Skype.

How it works

Organizations can purchase Lync Online as a standalone service from Microsoft Office 365 or as part of an Office 365 for enterprises suite that includes Lync Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, and Microsoft Office Web Apps. 

We emphasize to our customers that organizations that subscribe to Lync Online retain control over the collaboration services they offer to users, but they do not have the operational burden of on-premises server software.

With the Lync Online multi-tenant hosted plans, Lync is hosted on multi-tenant servers that support multiple customers simultaneously. These servers are housed in Microsoft data centers and are accessible to users on a wide range of devices from inside a corporate network or over the Internet.

Some of the Lync Online features our customer’s appreciate most:

They get real-time presence information—including photos, availability status, and location—and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to connect efficiently and effectively.

They make voice calls through their computer to other Lync or Skype users in their organization or in other organizations that use Lync or Skype.

They can create, moderate, and join pre-planned and on-the-fly audio, video, and web meetings with people inside and outside their organization.

They benefit from enhanced online presentations with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboards.

Our customers can participate with their clients in their Lync conference calls even if they are not Office 365 or Lync Online customers.

Keeping pace with how businesses operate today.

We know you’ve heard this before but business owners and professionals need to embrace these new ways of doing business or they will find themselves lagging behind in the markets they serve.  It will be difficult for them to:

  • Out-pace their competitors
  • Manage their business profitably
  • Keep mobile workers connected
  • Improve their profits
  • Attract quality talent to move their business forward
  • Delight their existing customers with efficient management of their accounts
  • Attract new customers

In addition, the new office generation of employees expects to collaborate on the go, leverage their existing mobile devices and do business anywhere at any time.  Heck, they use it in their personal lives, they “expect” to use it at the office.

At ConQuest Technology Services we’ve found that our customers value our commitment to their success.  We do not consider ourselves as simply sales men and women or professional services experts, we become an invaluable extension to their high-power team. 

It’s our job to know where the market is leading and believe me we do it very well.  We work with our customers to truly understand their current pain points and their going-forward business vision.  We consult and advise customers on new technologies that will fill their business gaps.  We share our expertise to ensure our customers are improving their bottom line.  Simply stated, we make sure our customers achieve optimum performance

Debbie Brandt

Marketing Manager

ConQuest Technology Services


Your Office In Your Pocket

Fun fact: your smartphone contains more computing power than the entire Apollo program used to put astronauts on the moon. That kind of power in your pocket means more than just playing Candy Crush: it’s the means by which technology is finally enabling business to move out of the cubicle and into the pocket office revolution—the most disruptive change to work since replaceable parts.

Since the industrial revolution, most business has been conducted in large bureaucratic settings. And there was good reason for that. Managers needed to be physically close to assembly line workers, and later VPs of companies needed to be able to roam cubicles and give out ad hoc assignments.

Information also needed to be centralized and controlled to make sure nothing was lost or stolen. Businesses ran fairly well but individual productivity was certainly held back.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, we were promised a paperless office yet technology wasn’t quite ready to handle the demands of enterprises, governments, or universities. As we all remember, hundreds if not thousands of companies rushed into the “tech bubble” claiming to have made the breakthroughs that would change everything. Almost all of these promises went unfulfilled. The technology just wasn’t there yet.

But today we are experiencing a mobility revolution that is changing the way business is conducted in almost every industry. Technology is finally ready to truly fulfill its promise to improve productivity. Seamless digital communications tools are enabling coworkers scattered around the world to conduct truly global business. Enterprise-level mobile security is enabling workers to brainstorm and collaborate in real time without the fear of data loss.

Some companies are taking advantage of this sea of change while others, slow to adapt, are being left behind or closing up shop.

The pocket office is about more than just mobility. It is a massive disruption of business-as-usual for four big reasons. Embracing the pocket office gives your business:

  • Anytime, anywhere access, seamlessly across all devices
  • Productivity apps that allow for content creation as well as consumption
  • Full compatibility with desktop-based office suite
  • Enterprise level management and security

With these tools businesses both large and small can finally give their employees the ability to work productively from anywhere, anytime. And all with tools that fit in your pocket, talk about a revolution…

Let’s face it, communicating is the one thing we do more than anything else.  We speak with each other either in person or via some mediated technology like telephone, voice, IM, text or even video chat.  We create and send emails.  We produce presentations that we deliver via networked conferencing systems.  More than ever our people are away from the office working from home, hotels, customer sites, ball fields, the beach and a million other places.  The technologies that enable all of this communication must reach farther, be more readily available and also be more secure than ever before. 

No matter what industry you are in, the mobility-enabled pocket office revolution will dramatically change the way you (or your competitors) do business. This is what disruptive change in the workplace looks like: the ability to put the entire means of production into devices the size of your wallet—or that even fit in your wallet.

The mission of ConQuest Technology Services is to provide and support these technologies, constantly improving upon how well we can adapt them to each clients’ requirements, and their future needs to help them identify and innovate new ways in which mediated communication technologies can drive new business opportunities and greater success.

Debbie Brandt

Marketing Manager

ConQuest Technology Services


Microsoft Lync Overview


Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Lync connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides our customers a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience.   Many of our customers appreciate that Lync users can connect to anyone on Skype, enabling rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world.

How it works

Work Anywhere

Lync allows our customers to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and their customers, from virtually wherever they chose to work.

Lync across Devices

Our customers’ employees can switch among devices as they choose based on their needs. Lync offers familiar and consistent user experience across PC, phone, browser and tablets.

Connected Experiences

Lync connects millions of people, their communications and the applications they use every day – together. This is particularly helpful to our customers as many have national as well as global employees and customers.  Multiparty HD video conferencing brings life and expression to Lync Meetings.  This is a useful feature because road warriors feel more engaged in meetings.

Simpler to Manage

Lync is a dependable platform for all real-time communications. A single system reduces complexity in Enterprise IT.  This allows our customers to remain focused on doing business and not worrying about their infrastructure.

Deployment Flexibility

ConQuest Technology Services allows customers who are using Lync to reach their vision of unified communications – on their timeline following their specific blueprint.

Lync Server Features

Lync Unified Client

Lync 2013 provides a single,   unified client for real-time communications, including voice and video calls,   Lync Meetings, presence, instant messaging, and persistent chat. Having a   single UC client application instead of multiple applications simplifies   deployment, adoption, and support.

Lync Windows 8 App

Lync is optimized for touch on   Windows 8 (both x86-based Windows8 and Windows RT) and takes advantage of   Windows 8 “touch first” capabilities to provide fast, natural,   hands-on control of communications across a variety of devices and architectures.  

Lync Web App

The Lync Web App allows PC and   Mac users to join a Lync Meeting from within an HTML5-based browser, and   delivers a full Lync meeting experience, including multiparty HD video, voice   over IP, instant messaging, desktop, application, and PowerPoint sharing.

Lync Mobile Clients

Lync Mobile Clients are   available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Single Click Conference Join

Joining a Lync Meeting   requires only a single click or touch, whether from an Outlook meeting   reminder on a Windows PC or from the calendar or meeting pane on Windows   Phone, iOS, and Android devices.


See the availability status of   a contact with visual presence indicators. New presence states include:   Presenter (while laptop is connected to a projector) and Working Elsewhere   (to indicate physically out of the office yet working).

Contact Card

A dynamic card that displays a   contact’s high resolution photo, their presence, status note, location and   organizational details and is consistent across Microsoft Office   applications.

Lync Meeting

Previously known as   “online meeting”, Lync Meetings provide capabilities to interact   with people through multiparty HD video, audio, instant messaging, and   content sharing.

Meeting View

Meeting View options are   designed to bring content and people together while optimizing the Lync   Meeting experience for every individual participant’s needs. The Meeting View   is selected by the participant.

Multiparty HD Video Gallery

Continuous view of multiple HD   video streams or contact card photos in conference displayed in a gallery   format. Photos replace active speaker video when video is unavailable.   Gallery controls enable participants to select video stream of interest, see   participant name and identify active speakers.

Persistent Chat

Organize or participate in   topic based virtual rooms where workgroups or designated colleagues meet and   collaborate in real-time. Discussions are searchable and persist over time   enabling efficient information sharing.

OneNote Share

OneNote Share allows users to   create and share OneNote digital meeting notes within a Lync Meeting,   reducing possible errors caused by later transcription and simplifying   communication and follow-up.

Exchange Archiving

Using the Exchange Online   archiving, you can store all you emails, instant messages and Lync Online   meeting contents, then easily search them using Exchange e-Discovery   compliance.

Lync Federation

Lync Federation extends   unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers,   and partners using Lync.

Skype Connectivity

Skype Connectivity enables   presence sharing, instant messaging (IM), and voice calling with the hundreds   of millions of people around the world who use Skype.

Server Role Consolidation

Lync can reduce the number of   server roles by co-locating roles which were previously deployed or managed   separately, allowing for simplified deployment and management.

Scale and High Availability   Improvements

Lync Server front-end   architecture has been redesigned allowing a larger number of active users in   one pool while improving high availability capabilities that can help lower   total cost of ownership.

Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring gives Lync   administrators the ability to monitor pools, servers, networks across   different datacenters through the public internet.


More and more of our customers are looking for solutions that allow them to connect anytime, from anywhere and most importantly using any device.  Today everyone has their own personal choice of mobile devices – with Lync our customers can meet their business needs and provide alternatives to their employees that enable them to stay connected and productive.


Tom Sullivan

Director of Sales

ConQuest Technology Services

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I applaud the efforts of the Conquest team to get this product rolled out. They really stepped up to get this done.  In my 4 years on the board they have been the only organization to step up with tech resources to help us deploy systems. I’ve heard a lot of grousing over the years about our systems which are far better now than before.   The realization of the effort required and coordination with teams & schedules has been huge and largely goes unrecognized.  A great big thanks to the Conquest team for this effort.

President & Chairman – Industry Association

“The cloud services, anywhere access, and support of modern devices, leveraging ConQuest Technology Services we now have the flexibility to better meet the needs of our employees.”

Head of IT Services, Engineering Firm

“The level of service at ConQuest Technology Services is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Office Administrator, Animal Hospital

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ConQuest Technology Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality and support of their Help Desk is simply amazing.  They are so committed to my business, to me and my employees.  Only one phone call away day or not, it’s not a problem, they have always served me well.”

Business Owner

Franchise Operation

“We consider ConQuest an extension of our team.  We have been working with them for eight years now and have no intention to deal with another provider.  Their expertise helps us to circumvent issues before they become a major business disruption.”

Sr. Systems Administrator, Nation-wide Manufacturing Company

“ConQuest gave us peace of mind.  Working together to establish a concrete IT strategy our final selection was to implement Windows Azure.  Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for our precious data. It works with the infrastructure we already had to cost-effectively enhance our business continuity strategy as well as provide storage required by our cloud applications including unstructured text or binary data such as video, audio and images.  We benefit from all this thanks to ConQuest.”

CFO, Leading Insurance Company

“We implemented Exchange Online working with ConQuest, we can now avoid the cost of additional Exchange Server deployments at new office locations.”

Manager-Infrastructure Services, Global Pharmaceutical

“We like to be on the leading edge and ConQuest helps us stay there.  With Office 365, we will always have the latest version.  By partnering with ConQuest as our advisor we do not have to worry that cost will prohibit us from giving employees access to the latest capabilities.”

Senior Systems Administrator, Local Government Agency

“Thank you ConQuest – with the architecture of Exchange Servicer 2013 – we have tripled everything:  bandwidth, processors, memory, resilience and availability.”

IT Manager, County Hospital

“It costs us a considerable amount to guarantee 99.9% uptime for our Exchange Servers.  With Exchange Online, ConQuest has helped us reduce costs and we gain time to perform other tasks.”

CEO, National Bank

“Thank you for being such an awesome business partner to us! We appreciate how you enabled us to drive costs out of our business while improving efficiency to heights we didn’t know were available.”

Managing Partner, Law Office

“I appreciate how fast the Professional Services Specialists are to respond to our questions and issues… quick and thorough and explain everything in a language we understand.  Way to go ConQuest”

CFO, National Retail Chain

“The ConQuest Help Desk is exactly that a help desk, one call and they have me back up and running.”

Office Administrator, Medical Facility

“Conquest provides an ideal structure for my firm and I. Consistent and predictable costs, immediate response to any request for support.”

IT Specialist, Civil Engineering Firm

“I can’t give enough praise about the ConQuest Technology Services team.  They understood from the get-go I didn’t have much IT experience and had no clue what was available.  I did know that our associates were always on the go and that our current telecommunications system just wasn’t working for us anymore.  Well they recommended we go with Microsoft® Lync®.  Lync allows our associates to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues, clients and government agencies from virtually wherever they are working.”

Office Administrator, Multi-location Child Care Services

“We found their flexibility, responsiveness, and technical skills better than anything we could have ever expected.”

Network Administrator, Manufacturing

“Thanks for another infrastructure project thoroughly completed. I know that is your standard and nothing new. It’s so unusual in this field.”

Dir. of Technology, Educational Institution

Webinar – Office 365 Means Business


Reduce Capital and Travel Expenses, Gain Greater Collaboration and Productivity, Improve Employee Engagement and Provide a Differentiated Customer Experience.


Communicating is the one thing we do more than anything else. We speak with each other either in person or via some mediated technology like telephone, voice, IM, text and video chat. We create and send emails. We produce presentations that we deliver via networked conferencing systems. More than ever our people are away from the office working from home, hotels, customer sites, soccer fields, and the beach and everywhere in between. The technologies that enable all of this communication must reach farther, be more readily available, and also must be more secure than ever before.


Dramatically reduce communications costs (Audio / Video / Web Conferencing / Phone System)
Transform how your teams communicate and collaborate internally as well as with customers and partners
Use familiar tools like Microsoft® Office to do more and make it easier for team members to reach out to each other and get the answers they need to move the business forward.
Reduce spend on IT infrastructure and support by consolidating communications systems and leveraging the cloud
Get even more value out of the Microsoft® Cloud Platform – Office 365
Extend the value of your existing Microsoft software investments
On-board and retain valued employees by providing the tools they “expect” to use in today’s work environment
Benefit from added security, reliability, compliance and compatibility


Webinar dates and times:

Tuesday, December 10 10:00am EST

786-871-5481 Conf ID 80149

» Connect via Microsoft Lync

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Thursday, December 19 3:00pm EST

786-871-5481 Conf ID 78727

» Connect via Microsoft Lync

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Benjamin A. Tosado Founder and Principal at ConQuest Technology Services

Ben Jaeger Microsoft Unified Communications Specialist

Connected World

© 2013 ConQuest Technology Services. All Rights Reserved.ConQuest Technology Services is a Microsoft Partner with Gold-level competencies focused solely on core Microsoft communication technologies. Our thoroughly trained and certified professionals who have helped us earn our Gold competencies have deep knowledge and expertise in such technologies as Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Microsoft Exchange and the powerful new unified communications suite Microsoft Lync®. For more information please visit or call 305-374-8788.

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Microsoft vs. Cisco Unified Communications


Many companies are finding the great value in having a Unified Communications (UC) solution.  We read about companies, such as Weiss in South Florida , deriving many benefits and drastically reducing cost  from a Microsoft UC based infrastructure.  No doubt this has helped other companies in their decision to move forward towards a communications overhaul.

In this short write up, Scott Long, Director of Managed Services of ClearPointe, expresses it nicely.  Cisco just doesn’t compete!


Office 365 Workshop in Aventura, FL: Join Us!

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? Participate in a Hands-on Demonstration!

There is a lot of talk about the cloud. Now, you get to see it for yourself and find out if it fits in your business. Whether you are one professional or have 50, Office 365 can relieve you of lots of pain.Find out how Office 365:· Is Secure and Private

· Give you access to professional, domain-based email

· Allows you to share calendars and contacts

· Gives you chat via video, instant messaging, or audio calls

· Frees up time that you would normally spend on IT


Join us this March 19th, or 20th at 9 am – 11:30 am to see how Office 365 can help you get where you want to go with your business, while keeping your life (and your bank) in balance.

Do it all with no sales presentation, just a truly interactive experience that puts you in the driver’s seat!

Featuring the new Lenovo Yoga® laptops.

March 19th, 2013


March 20th, 2013


Sessions begin at

9 am: Registration and Coffee

20900 N.E. 30th Avenue

7th and 8th Floor

Aventura, Florida 33180

Office: 305-633-4231

Office 365 Workshop: THIS WEEK Feb 27th-March 1st in MIAMI

imageMan Roll Suitecase

Join Conquest at our Microsoft Office 365 Workshop!

If you are a growing business, you want to make the time to come to this! We’d like to give you a hands-on introduction. Join us to see how Office 365 can help you get where you want to go with your business, while keeping your life (and your bank) in balance.
Here’s a sneak peek:· Access professional, domain-based email.· Share calendars and contacts.· Chat via video, instant messaging, or audio calls.Do it all with no sales presentation, just an interactive demo that you get to test-drive!

February 27th, 2013


February 28th, 2013


March 1st, 2013


Sessions begin at
9 am: Registration and Coffee

1601 Biscayne Boulevard, Bank United Boardroom, Ballroom Level, Miami, FL 33132


IT Expo 2013 in Miami: Recap

We enjoyed working alongside our partners at the Miami IT Expo 2013.  We discussed with others what are some UC options with Lync in a complete solution customized for each company’s needs.  With partners like AudioCodes (AudioCodes Once Voice for Lync) and PrairieFyre (PrairieFyre Lync ), we’ve been able to architect, design and deploy solutions that have allows companies to be save costs.  They’ve been able to cut costs by cutting down on their PBX systems or replacing them in its entirety and having a solid contact center solution integrated with Lync.

Jon Sastre, president of ConQuest Technology Services was interviewed by TMC regarding our Success from AudioCodes.  He spoke of current customer experiences with Lync and the federation between two major companies that have business communication regularly. Click the photo below to watch how ConQuest, AudioCodes and PrairieFyre worked together.

Jon's Interview by TMC IT Expo 2013


WEBINAR: Office 365: The Easiest Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based Productivity Webinar

orange cloud picture w o365 logo

During our webinar series on Lync 2010, we received hundreds of requests for more information on Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based office. You requested and we listened! We are excited to present our webinar on Office 365!

Why Office 365?

Simply because Office 365 is a cloud productivity solution that decreases costs and complexity and provides the best possible productivity experience for your team. Learn how you can:

  • Do more with smaller IT budgets and keep your current investments
  • Move email to the cloud and stop dealing with upgrades, patching, outages and all of the headaches that come with managing a corporate email solution
  • Conduct online meetings with colleagues, partners, and customers, including audio, video and screen sharing
  • Share documents, calendars, task lists, and schedules to keep workgroups in sync

Conquest Technology Services is helping companies reduce IT costs and increase productivity worldwide. Conquest is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over a decade of experience helping our customers improve productivity and reduce operating costs with cloud and communications solutions.

*Available with certain Microsoft licensing agreements only. Other promotions available. Ask Conquest rep for details at

“When you look at the capabilities, the price per user, and the opportunity costs of supporting on-premises servers internally, we are confident Office 365 is the right decision for our business.”

International Retailer

Webinar Information:

Date: February 15, 2013

Time: 11:30 am–12:30 pm EST