As the oldest and largest criminal defense law firm in Florida with over 200 years of combined experience, Robbins, Tunkey, Ross PA knew that it was time to investigate their options related to leveraging evolving technology to better serve their clients.

For the past 36 years they have defended client’s charges with the full range of state and federal crimes.  As their practice grew from the many successes they have had over the years they represent not only Floridian clients but have now expanded their practice with presence throughout the nation.

Joe Nascimento, Attorney At Law fully understood the value of deploying new, leading-edge solutions and had some very specific benefits he was looking to gain to improve communications with his clients and fellow partners.  As the practice expanded he needed to support his increasing mobile tendencies enabling him to gather needed information quickly to make better decisions faster.  Of utmost importance was the protection of client information on the mobile devices now used across the firm.  As a criminal defense law firm they pride themselves on being there for clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From a business standpoint they needed to reduce risk and operating costs.  They wanted to reduce spend on IT infrastructure and support by consolidating communications systems and leveraging the cloud.  They could not expose themselves to downtime and knew that leveraging cloud services and redundant solution architecture would support their requirements.  Data protection is of the utmost importance so they were looking for a means to protect data by encrypting it any and all of the time.

That’s when Joe called in ConQuest Technology Services.  We are based in Miami, Florida with national reach. We are a Microsoft Managed Partner with Gold-level competencies focused solely on core Microsoft communication technologies.  After our first meeting Joe realized that our certified professionals have deep knowledge and expertise in such technologies as Microsoft Office 365™ cloud services, Microsoft Windows Azure™, Microsoft Exchange and the powerful new unified communications suite Microsoft Lync®.   He knew that by working with us he could dramatically improve the firm’s objectives efficiently with dedicated, trusted, always available support services.

Joe shared with us that since the firm offered 24×7 availability it was imperative that service remained available as close to 100% of the time as possible.  Coupled with always on service his goal was to provide this as inexpensively as possible.  

Based on Joe’s vision of how he wanted the business to operate he understood that the way to accomplish this would be through the use of Microsoft Exchange as a hosted service.  He was comforted by knowing that we would serve as a remote third party provider managing all backend services for a flat monthly per user fee.  The advantages of this approach for organizations that want to leverage the benefits of Exchange are that uptime of the Exchange infrastructure can be very high and the cost of managing Exchange can be reduced significantly.  Similar to the majority of law firms practicing today, Robbins, Tunkey, Ross PA did not have the expertise or an in-house, dedicated IT resource.  We were quick to assure Joe that the use of a hosted Exchange service would allow them to focus on their clients and not their IT infrastructure.

Another issue that Joe wanted to get control over was management of data.  He indicated that information on clients and prior cases, internal communications, legal briefs, documentation on new laws / rulings and legal forms were stored all over the office and unfortunately some of it was housed on individual associate’s desktops and saved in people’s email messages, or even worse only paper copies were available.  He knew that there had to be better options so that the team had access to timely information.   There was also the need to adhere to document retention schedules.  Because of the chaos in managing the paper flow in the office he knew that a rationale mechanism had to be available to help them manage their data.  He felt if he didn’t investigate his options his alternative would be unmanaged, exponential data growth, higher costs and greater risk.

That’s when we discussed SharePoint because I knew from the first three pain points that Joe cited that SharePoint would resolve his documentation management needs plus provide even greater value and cost savings.  SharePoint delivers both a high quality solution that stimulates and delivers user participation, and the tools for highly secure, well-managed content.  With SharePoint companies democratize content management and improve organizations by providing content management to all employees and compliance across all documents.  This leads to better, faster and more secure processes that can be managed through a familiar environment, integrated into business collaboration infrastructure, and built on a trusted and extensible platform.  So in essence, Joe benefits from driving participation across all employees to avoid chaos and end-user resistance, ensure compliance by avoiding risk by controlling unmanaged content, including Social content and lastly save costs by avoiding high costs of point solutions, especially when not needed.

Jon Sastre

CEO and President

ConQuest Technology Services


To contact Robbins, Tunkey, Ross PA for your legal matters please visit their website at: http://www.crimlawfirm.com/index.php

For a free consultation on your telecommunications needs and available options, contact ConQuest Technology Services at www.conquest247.com or call 305-374-8788.

Learn more about the Professional Ethics of The Florida Bar Association endorsement of the use of Cloud Computing




What Our Customers Are Saying

“I applaud the efforts of the Conquest team to get this product rolled out. They really stepped up to get this done.  In my 4 years on the board they have been the only organization to step up with tech resources to help us deploy systems. I’ve heard a lot of grousing over the years about our systems which are far better now than before.   The realization of the effort required and coordination with teams & schedules has been huge and largely goes unrecognized.  A great big thanks to the Conquest team for this effort.

President & Chairman – Industry Association

“The cloud services, anywhere access, and support of modern devices, leveraging ConQuest Technology Services we now have the flexibility to better meet the needs of our employees.”

Head of IT Services, Engineering Firm

“The level of service at ConQuest Technology Services is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Office Administrator, Animal Hospital

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ConQuest Technology Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality and support of their Help Desk is simply amazing.  They are so committed to my business, to me and my employees.  Only one phone call away day or not, it’s not a problem, they have always served me well.”

Business Owner

Franchise Operation

“We consider ConQuest an extension of our team.  We have been working with them for eight years now and have no intention to deal with another provider.  Their expertise helps us to circumvent issues before they become a major business disruption.”

Sr. Systems Administrator, Nation-wide Manufacturing Company

“ConQuest gave us peace of mind.  Working together to establish a concrete IT strategy our final selection was to implement Windows Azure.  Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for our precious data. It works with the infrastructure we already had to cost-effectively enhance our business continuity strategy as well as provide storage required by our cloud applications including unstructured text or binary data such as video, audio and images.  We benefit from all this thanks to ConQuest.”

CFO, Leading Insurance Company

“We implemented Exchange Online working with ConQuest, we can now avoid the cost of additional Exchange Server deployments at new office locations.”

Manager-Infrastructure Services, Global Pharmaceutical

“We like to be on the leading edge and ConQuest helps us stay there.  With Office 365, we will always have the latest version.  By partnering with ConQuest as our advisor we do not have to worry that cost will prohibit us from giving employees access to the latest capabilities.”

Senior Systems Administrator, Local Government Agency

“Thank you ConQuest – with the architecture of Exchange Servicer 2013 – we have tripled everything:  bandwidth, processors, memory, resilience and availability.”

IT Manager, County Hospital

“It costs us a considerable amount to guarantee 99.9% uptime for our Exchange Servers.  With Exchange Online, ConQuest has helped us reduce costs and we gain time to perform other tasks.”

CEO, National Bank

“Thank you for being such an awesome business partner to us! We appreciate how you enabled us to drive costs out of our business while improving efficiency to heights we didn’t know were available.”

Managing Partner, Law Office

“I appreciate how fast the Professional Services Specialists are to respond to our questions and issues… quick and thorough and explain everything in a language we understand.  Way to go ConQuest”

CFO, National Retail Chain

“The ConQuest Help Desk is exactly that a help desk, one call and they have me back up and running.”

Office Administrator, Medical Facility

“Conquest provides an ideal structure for my firm and I. Consistent and predictable costs, immediate response to any request for support.”

IT Specialist, Civil Engineering Firm

“I can’t give enough praise about the ConQuest Technology Services team.  They understood from the get-go I didn’t have much IT experience and had no clue what was available.  I did know that our associates were always on the go and that our current telecommunications system just wasn’t working for us anymore.  Well they recommended we go with Microsoft® Lync®.  Lync allows our associates to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues, clients and government agencies from virtually wherever they are working.”

Office Administrator, Multi-location Child Care Services

“We found their flexibility, responsiveness, and technical skills better than anything we could have ever expected.”

Network Administrator, Manufacturing

“Thanks for another infrastructure project thoroughly completed. I know that is your standard and nothing new. It’s so unusual in this field.”

Dir. of Technology, Educational Institution

Come and Join Us for A Nice Interactive Demo of Microsoft’s Productivity Platform


The Microsoft Experience Center (MEC)


MEC is not a demo but a true-to-life user experience designed to enhance understanding of available technologies. It encourages discussion around how these technologies help address business problems and it identifies the right solutions to help your company innovate and grow.

Why You Should Attend
At our MEC event, you’ll have the opportunity to “test-drive” the entire Microsoft Business Productivity Platform in a real-life environment. Most refreshingly of all, this hands-on session comes without any sales pressure, long demos, or redundant presentations.

clip_image005 Click here to see Scenarios That Are Typically Included

In A MEC Session!


6750 N Andrews Avenue

Suite 400

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: 954.489.4800


August 29th, 2012


10:00am – 12:00pm


The MEC session is limited to 10 participants. Be sure to RSVP today to ensure your space.



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1400 Biscayne Blvd

Miami, FL 33132



Lync and SharePoint….So Perfect Together!


Wednesday, May 9th at 11:30 A.M. or 2:00 P.M. Eastern

Corporate Social Networking and Efficient Communications

with Microsoft SharePoint and Lync.

Register Now

As the demand for instant communication continues to increase in business, AAJ & Conquest Technology Services realize that integrating your communication with your business system is critical. In this webinar, you will learn how Microsoft Lync and SharePoint can be leveraged to:

  • Present dashboards with real time insights into critical data
  • Track and manage project portfolios
  • Create a corporate social networking tool
  • Move from instant messaging into online meetings in just a click
  • Incorporate video calls, online meetings, screen sharing and virtual whiteboards

Attendees will be eligible to receive the following:

  1. A Free Trial of Microsoft Lync and SharePoint 2010 software
  2. A Free Two Hour Consultation which can include:
    1. Review of Dashboard Strategy
    2. Technology Roadmap Review
    3. Review of Data-mart strategies
    4. Review of Mobility Strategies

We look forward to seeing you there! Click Here to Register Now.

The Microsoft Experience Center: What Is It and Why Is It A Must See?

Conquest Technology ServicesEvery since Conquest Technology Solutions acquired the certification to facilitate the Microsft Experience Center (MEC) or the Customer Immersion Experience, we have not rested.  The request for a session is constantly coming our way.  Our MEC has traveled all over, from Tampa to Kentucky.  Not to mention or VP of Professional Services, Benjamin Tosado and our President Jon Sastre have been hopping around the country speaking to others about the MEC.

Attending a MEC session can enlighten your view on what is possible within Microsoft’s Business Productivity.  Click here for more information.  Not only will you see it, you get to get experience it yourself.  Contact Conquest Technology Services to schedule your MEC at sales@conquest247.com.

AAJ and Conquest Technology Services will be having a MEC Event:

For More Information, Please click here. 

Microsoft Experience Center Event

Image Conquest Technology Services  and AAJ Technologies along with Microsoft presents the Customer Immersion Experience or the Microsoft Experience Center.

Reserve your space in this fun, relaxed, no-pressure event showing you how productive your day can possibly look with the Microsoft applications you use everyday.

Presenting Office 365, SharePoint, Lync, and Dynamics.

qpuckett@conquest247.com for more information.

Thursday, March 8th, 2010

Session 1: 9:00 am – 11 am http://linkd.in/yl7PCB

Session 2: 1:00 pm – 3 pm http://linkd.in/wFsE5M