Hosted UC, Not your Mothers hosted VoIP

Most people have now either heard of or used one of the many versions of Hosted Voice over IP. For years now companies have been marketing products that use the Internet or other IP Networking topology with some hosted server technologies to provide an end user with a voice call. Many times people have no idea they are using this type service either.  In your home, if you are using a phone from your cable or broadband provider you are in Hosted VoIP. You may have seen the plethora of internet advertisements that hit your web searches talking about free long distance or get a phone number from anywhere in the US. These are all functions of many Hosted VoIP systems. Each have their own caveats and terms with small twists here and there. Not unlike any other service that is saying it is free.

But have you heard of Hosted UC or Unified Communications? 

Imagine the concept of being able to use your PC, laptop, Tablet or phone to communicate as one device. Imagine being able to click any phone number and dial it over your corporate network.  What if you could be in any standard document or email and know instantly if the person you sent it to was available to talk, email or join a conference or video session. Sounds like what many busy people have been asking to have since the early days of telephone and computer integration started.  Think of the idea of a single platform that literally takes every standard office software (ok, most of them) and allows you to share the document via a real time interactive voice, data and video call. Share it, work on it together, make changes in real time, and then be able to save it right back into the cloud.

Now let us take this one step further. Why do you need a phone system or a Hosted VoIP system anymore? Ok, I can hear you now, “I have thousands of dollars tied up in a phone system”. Well that may well be true, but that hardware and software normally has about a three year life cycle before you need or are forced to make upgrades, major revisions and you pay a pretty penny each year for software agreements, maintenance agreements, local phone lines or T-1s and you may or may not be able to just call anyone in your company via some private network. So for now, the Hosted UC platforms make allowances to connect to some more current legacy phone systems.

How many people are paying for conference bridge services? You know the ones where you can set up a dial in number and get 3 or 4 maybe even 10 or more people into a single call all at a fee per minute plus long distance charges. Many people are also paying for web conference services to show documents, share documents or presentations to groups of people. This also comes with a per user, per minute fee or you have bought a lot of software you are paying annual support fees to use and upkeep on servers and phone lines to support it. Now let us start breaking this down a bit more. With a hosted phone system you get voice, voice mail (normally sent to an email address as a wav or MP3 file), and some cool lights that tell you who is on the phone or not, maybe even some nice features that will forward the call to your cell phone in some way. There are also some that allow you to use your laptop as your phone.  But adding things like conference calling has restrictions to functionality and added costs. Web conferencing services are normally not part of this at all. Let us move to Hosted UC. You get all those things a Hosted VoIP can do in general but let’s really turn up the application heat here.  One small monthly fee per user. Many times it is very close to the same as Hosted VoIP.  Voicemails are transcribed to email as well as MP3 files

Very tight integration to standard business software tools like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and the others we use every single day.  Turn your PC, laptop, cell or iPad into a UC communications tool, voice, data and video conferences can be launched by every user, from any device, Sharing is not a point click or drag and drop function, not a phone call, email, two day wait for schedules to match up sort of thing.

UC literally pulls from the old VoIP systems and jumps about 20 steps forward. Not only are the applications endless for how businesses can use tools that are easy and simple, but the financial justifications go way beyond just the idea of free calls.  No hardware support contracts, no annual software assurance, no 3 year upgrade cycles.  Totally cloud based so it’s full featured almost anywhere you can get an internet connection

Its disaster recovery and business continuity at its best, anywhere, anytime, nearly any device just find Internet service or cell service. People are no longer restricted to a desk and can have access to all their business documents, voice calls, chat sessions, emails, voicemails, web and video conferencing tools. Hosting the unified communications tools allows for a per user investment model. No infrastructure to manage, no telephone system to maintain, no restrictions to geographic locations.  If you look at what your company is paying for web conferencing, teleconferencing and travel the Hosted UC model can show a positive ROI in MONTH ONE to many businesses. Now what do you think?  Is the idea of Hosted UC the same as the older style Hosted VoIP?   Companies like Conquest are taking the lead in providing, building and consulting on Hosted UC services every day. Some are private builds others just want to take their road warriors to UC. Take a look inside your company and see how much you are spending, how much people are asking for and how many times could you have used some of these tools to make your life easier and business communications move faster. Once you see those numbers you may well start looking at true Hosted UC services as the answer. It’s more than FREE phone calls.

Steve Leach, CSSP

Regional Microsoft UC Solutions Specialist

ConQuest Technology Services


April 30, 2014


Hosted Lync Telephone Solution: Shave off Some Dollars!

imageDon’t deploy anything at your office! You can still reap the benefits while taking advantage of a Lync Hosted Solution.  At Conquest, we like that we are able to help smaller business get Lync, without a full blown deployment.  Check this out:

Without breaking your IT budget you can get:

  • Telephone System
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Online Meetings
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Telephone access to email, calendar and contacts
  • Instant Messaging and Rich Presence
  • Computer Screen Sharing

Think about how much money you save by eliminating systems such as:

  • PBX/Key Systems
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Audio conferencing bridges
  • Travel costs
  • Office space costs (remote/teleworkers)
  • On site servers


Basic CMYK

How Does Microsoft’s UC Reduce Communications Costs?

telephoneIn a UC whitepaper from Microsoft, it was mentioned how replacing old PBX systems can significantly reduce telephony costs.

“In the past, there were essentially one or more PBX or Key systems per location, often accompanied by a set of related systems such as voice mail, interactive voice response (IVR), call centers, call accounting and administration consoles. Now with Unified Communications, consolidation of systems to a single or a few locations and systems is very practical, with support of other sites via secure Internet Protocol connections on the enterprise wide area network (WAN) or the Internet. This savings initiative is often very timely, since many PBX and voice mail systems installed in the late 1990’s are nearing the end of manufacturer’s support and decisions must be made in any case. Applying the consolidation model to those decisions will usually yield major savings. The approach is to establish or expand a central platform to which sites can be consolidated and then to progressively consolidate eligible sites to the central platform. Even if some specialized items, such as IVR Lync Mobile Photo collage 2or a complex call center are not ready for consolidation”

Even if a company is not in a position to replace their full PBX systems, Microsoft Lync Server integrates with existing PBX systems through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or qualified gateways, and integrates with qualified third-party SIP Trunking Service providers.

See if your IT infrastructure qualifies:





Special Offer Enables Business Customers to Quickly and Easily
Evaluate Productivity and Cost Advantages of Microsoft Lync UC Solution


SAN MATEO, Calif. – July 10, 2012 – IntelePeer, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand, cloud-based communications, today announced a new partnership with Conquest Technology Services, a Microsoft Gold Partner.

The companies will work together to provide Microsoft Lync™ Unified Communications (UC) solutions to business customers. Customers can take advantage of a special trial program, the “Lync Experience Voice Now” pilot service, which offers 30 days of complimentary service and UC headsets for 10 users making it easy for business owners to experience Microsoft Lync for themselves. The pilot service will be offered and managed by Conquest and will feature IntelePeer’s CoreCloud™ SIP trunking to provide carrier services and PSTN access.

“Despite clear productivity and cost advantages, some business owners remain concerned that solutions such as Microsoft Lync will be too complex or lead to less reliable UC connections,” said Ben Tosado, founder and vice president, Professional Services, for Conquest Technology Services. “This trial program provides a no-risk way for businesses to experience Microsoft Lync first-hand, and we are confident customers will come away impressed by the performance and ease of deployment. IntelePeer’s carrier-class SIP trunking technology plays a key role in this process, delivering crystal clear, reliable connections and contributing to cost-effective operations.”

“Microsoft Lync, paired with the quality and value of IntelePeer SIP trunking services, delivers a very compelling business solution,” said Margaret Norton, general manager, Enterprises, at IntelePeer. “This evaluation program, in cooperation with Conquest and Microsoft, promises to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Lync and fuel a new wave of business productivity as customers embrace the range of rich media services available through our combined offerings.”

IntelePeer provides a comprehensive suite of on-demand communications and SIP trunking services that are backed by deep communications expertise to ensure partners’ Microsoft Lync deployments are successful. Through its CloudWorx™ Communications as a Service platform, IntelePeer delivers feature-rich, carrier-quality service over public or private Internet Protocol (IP) connections. IntelePeer’s patented platform combines Media Peering Grid™ services and the SuperRegistry® directory to connect disparate UC environments and seamlessly enable full-featured multi-modal communications for any user.

IntelePeer completed the process to earn Microsoft Lync qualification for its SIP trunking services in February 2011. IntelePeer CoreCloud™ Unified Communications (UC) Bundles for SIP Trunking are available with any Lync deployment.

About Conquest Technologies

Conquest Technologies is a consulting company that specializes in the design and delivery of network infrastructure services and solutions. A leader in infrastructure consulting, application performance, security and converged networking, the company delivers services, tools and solutions to create and deploy next generation networks that include IP telephony, video and data; secure infrastructure; network and systems management solutions; storage and content networking environments; and local and distributed wireless networks. Conquest Technology Services was recognized with the 2011 Microsoft U.S. Lync Voice Partner of the Year Award for the Greater Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Districts. For more information, visit

About IntelePeer
IntelePeer, Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand, cloud-based communications services that deliver high quality voice, video and unified communications for enterprises and service providers. The IntelePeer CloudWorx™ platform combines the SuperRegistry® database, an intelligent routing solution with a global directory of more than 450 million telephone numbers and end point identifying IP addresses, an extensive Media Peering Grid™ service, and the AppWorx® development environment and tools. IntelePeer enables customers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition to IP-based communications, improving their return on investment on communications equipment and services. For more information visit:

WPC 2012: Looking forward to it!

WPC has so much to offer this year!  Conquest is really excited about attending.

Conquest’s Jon Sastre, President and Ben Tosado, VP of Professional Services are looking forward to engaging with partners, sharing their busines strategies and gaining new insights on upcoming launches.

This past year we’ve enjoyed and have proudly announced the winning of our 2011 Microsoft U.S. Lync  Voice Partner of the Year Award for the Greater Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Districts. We were honored among the top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Here is an excerpt of the press release written last year:

“What we’re most proud of,” explained Conquest President & CEO Jon J. Sastre, “is that we were at the top of the list of partners that Microsoft chose to partner with.”  Conquest, a long-time locally-based provider of IT services to the South Florida region, was chosen from among a field of national providers with presence in South Florida.  “While we are a local South Florida partner,” continued Sastre, “it’s important to point out that since we embraced Microsoft Lync as our primary offering we have been enjoying growing success throughout not only the Southeast, but well into the Mid-Atlantic District as well.”

Conquest was one of the first Microsoft partners to invest significantly in developing their practice around the Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) predecessor to Microsoft Lync introduced back in 2007.  “We could see from its infancy what OCS was going to become,” explains Conquest Vice President of Professional Services Benjamin A. Tosado.  “Lync is the fulfillment of that promise, and we are delivering it to small, medium, and large businesses from Miami up to Washington DC.  It’s very exciting to see that dream realized after years of hard work and investment.”

“We are pleased to present Conquest with this award,” said Jack Braman, Vice President-East Region, Small and Mid-market Solutions and Partners (SMS&P) for Microsoft. “Conquest is seen as a leader in the Southeast Region in the area of voice communications. They show a strong commitment to commercial customers throughout the geography.”

“Conquest Technology Services was chosen by their regional Voice Partner Account Manager as the best company to work with in their category,” added Microsoft Voice Business Development Manager Leigh Rubino.  “We thank them for a great 2011!!  “

We are hopeful to see an award this year for another successful year!

Contact if you would like to arrange to meet Jon Sastre or Ben Tosado at the WPC in Toronto, CA.

Conquest Technology Services

Lync and SharePoint….So Perfect Together!


Wednesday, May 9th at 11:30 A.M. or 2:00 P.M. Eastern

Corporate Social Networking and Efficient Communications

with Microsoft SharePoint and Lync.

Register Now

As the demand for instant communication continues to increase in business, AAJ & Conquest Technology Services realize that integrating your communication with your business system is critical. In this webinar, you will learn how Microsoft Lync and SharePoint can be leveraged to:

  • Present dashboards with real time insights into critical data
  • Track and manage project portfolios
  • Create a corporate social networking tool
  • Move from instant messaging into online meetings in just a click
  • Incorporate video calls, online meetings, screen sharing and virtual whiteboards

Attendees will be eligible to receive the following:

  1. A Free Trial of Microsoft Lync and SharePoint 2010 software
  2. A Free Two Hour Consultation which can include:
    1. Review of Dashboard Strategy
    2. Technology Roadmap Review
    3. Review of Data-mart strategies
    4. Review of Mobility Strategies

We look forward to seeing you there! Click Here to Register Now.

The Microsoft Experience Center: What Is It and Why Is It A Must See?

Conquest Technology ServicesEvery since Conquest Technology Solutions acquired the certification to facilitate the Microsft Experience Center (MEC) or the Customer Immersion Experience, we have not rested.  The request for a session is constantly coming our way.  Our MEC has traveled all over, from Tampa to Kentucky.  Not to mention or VP of Professional Services, Benjamin Tosado and our President Jon Sastre have been hopping around the country speaking to others about the MEC.

Attending a MEC session can enlighten your view on what is possible within Microsoft’s Business Productivity.  Click here for more information.  Not only will you see it, you get to get experience it yourself.  Contact Conquest Technology Services to schedule your MEC at

AAJ and Conquest Technology Services will be having a MEC Event:

For More Information, Please click here. 

Lync Mobility: March 22nd 2012, Charlotte NC

Consumerization of Communication in IT!

Connected at all times with your slate, pad or tablet & mobile phones?


You are looking to accomplish more tasks while on-the-go. How can you simplify the way you communicate, reduce IT costs and be much more productive?

Join us for our exclusive, one-of-a-kind event on March 22nd 2012.

At this event you will learn how to:

• Reduce IT and telephony costs while you increase user productivity and organizational effectiveness

• Provide a consistent communications experience across all platforms

• Empower your people with Lync Mobile Client

• Enable employees to communicate and share with the right people, right now

Sign up for our Blog feed for more information as we update!




8055 Microsoft Way

Charlotte, NC 28273



March 22nd, 2012

8:00 am – 11:00 am

Breakfast will be provided

Lync 2010 is built from the ground up to be a single platform that can enhance, extend, or even replace your traditional or IP PBX systems. We’ll show you how it can help you simplify things, allowing everyone to communicate instantly.

Maximize your current investments in the Microsoft Platform by enabling employees to click to communicate from the applications they use. every day such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, or SharePoint. Link your communications no matter what applications are in use.

What is Lync Video


IM & Presence: Give user real-time presence information and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to help them connect more effectively.

Audio, Video & Web conferencing:  Make it easy for users to create, moderate, join ad hoc collaboration sessions and online meetings with external and internal users.  Work together even when time or distance prevents in-person meetings.

Voice: Combine the telephony features of a traditional PBX with rich presence, instant messaging, and conferencing to improve communications and to lower costs.

Mobility: Make communicating easier and more engaging by delivering a single communications experience across PC laptops, browsers, telephones, and mobile phones.

Group Chat: Allow users to have topic-based, multi-party discussions that persists over time, which allows efficient information sharing and discussions as a group.

What is Lync Video

The Next Generation of Unified Communications

The Next Generation of Unified Communications